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Knowledge-based study guidance on the internet

In the course of the internationalisation of universities and studies, the timely information for applicants on possible admission, recognition of previous achievements and, where applicable, grading into higher semesters is of crucial significance for the selection of a university in Germany.

On this account, it is the priority objective of this work area to improve the guidance of prospective students from abroad by use of the internet, and consequently to make an important contribution to the increase in competitiveness of Germany as a desirable place to study. Thereto, an intelligent course-guidance system for the internet was conceived and implemented.

Initially, basic research was conducted into how a knowledge-based study guidance can be both technically and conceptually realised. For this purpose, amongst others, the educational systems of 68 countries were analysed, the possibilities and limits of a guidance system from both the human and the technical perspectives were under examination, and functional and technical system requirements were defined as well. On this basis, the system was developed as a Client-Server application, whereas the core of the guidance system is made up of an expert system whose knowledge base was contextlessly conceived.

Since the specific guidance needs of foreign students do not vanish after the process of application and admission but rather last the entire studies, other tools are being developed that serve the purposes of course planning and administration, the administration and maintenance of a module reference book available online, the administration of applicant data, as well as the creation of individual timetables. The modular organisation of the guidance system, by its clear delineation of individual functions, permits the insertion of individual modules, also detached from each other if necessary. The following figure shows the principle of the knowledge-based study guidance.

Figure1 : Principle of knowledge-based study guidance

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