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Tools for organisation, management and administration of study courses

The makeup of international courses with Bachelor and Masters degrees has not only an effect on the structure of the individual courses, but also on the tools for their administration.

In the department of computer engineering, tools and databases for the design and administration of international courses were developed in various projects and used.

These tools originated in part already in the course of setting up the first internationally oriented course„Computer science and communications engineering“, which, by 1997, was already set up at the Gerhard Mercator university Duisburg using funds from the DAAD. With the institution of the internationally oriented program „International Studies in Engineering“ (ISE) - a program that is comprised of six Bachelor and five Masters courses - these tools for the planning of study courses have been expanded and amended.

The hitherto works followed the novel requirements of planning, setup and operations of consecutive courses with particular consideration of internationally oriented and international courses. The spectrum of the hitherto works range from an applicant database with special functions, to the efficient communication with applicants, as well as to their choice on an events database with the function of automatic creation of a module reference book up to the support of consultation. Current works deal with the development of tools for quality assurance and the administration of courses.

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