Universitšt Duisburg-Essen

The spectrum of the department of Computer Engineering is very diversified with respect to Research and Development and is characterized by the design and handling of interdisciplinary research fields. The works deal with the technology - human-human interaction area of conflict. The different connections between these cornerstones serve as guidelines for concrete projects.

The development of new tools and services, for instance in the domain of teleco-operation or for the development of internationally clearer teaching and learning platforms, always takes place with the background of knowledge of other cultures, mentalities and markets. Modern technology should be developed and its application be found – but always within the problem specifications required in man’s personal, social and cultural environment.

Thus also regularly belonging to the research team is a member from outside of engineering, currently an ethnologist. Perhaps uncommon in times of globalisation, but probably a matter of course in the future.

Thusly arises altogether five research fields with different work scopes encountered in only a few other universities in this form.

I. Internationalisation of engineering education

II. Computer-supported co-operative work on the internet

III. Innovative teaching and learning platforms

IV. Tools and databases for the organisation and management of international course offerings

V. Intercultural communication in engineering

Funded projects

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