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Research/Computer-Supported Co-operative Work on the internet

Computer-Supported Co-operative Work on the internet

The positive influence of the internet on information technology (IT) and the IT-related branches of trade of the the big industrial nations has risen to an impressive extent and has increasingly resulted in grave changes of the modern working world. As opposed to the industrialisation era with its largely location-dependent workplaces, the working world of the information society is affected by aspects of decentralisation and of temporal flexibilization.

Issues in this regard are being processed within the interdisciplinary field of research Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). The hereby developed tools for the support of cooperative work are being subsumed under the notion of Groupware. Software-Engineering presents an auspicious area of application for this new technology

The actual research work in the department of computer engineering develops solutions for the flexible designing of synchronous groupware. The system, conceived as a flexible framework, should be able to optimally support the particular context of utilization by means of a tailor-made application. This requires work on the technical level (e.g from the field of Network engineering), of the software agents, of the architectural models and of the support of the coordination, cooperation and collaboration by means of adaptive Floor-control procedures as well as for the enhancement of group perception. Furthermore, beyond the part on technical communication, extensive topics from the domains of modelling of group processes as well as, on that basis, of intercultural communication are taken into account.

Application areas

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