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The faculty of engineering instituted its first internationally oriented course „Computer science and communications engineering“ in 1997 and since then, has continuously expanded its offers of internationally oriented courses.

The "International Studies in Engineering“ (ISE) study program takes up an outstanding role at this juncture. In a bundle of eleven Bachelor and Masters courses, the faculty of engineering offers its entire spectrum of professional competence in an attractive, internationally oriented form.

Since 2001, a part of the ISE study program is offered within the scope of a "Double Degree Program“ with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universitas Indonesia (UI) partner universities: Students complete the first phase of their studies in their home countries and the last year subsequently at one of the partner universities, and obtain the certificates of both universities they attended upon completion of their studies.

In 2010, in close cooperation with the UKM, the range of education was expanded by the doctoral program "PromISE – PhD Program in ISE“. During this structured program the candidates are enhanced in their research with the aim to complete their dissertation within 3-4 years. Grouped in research clusters they are supervised by two professors of both universities, with an obligatory research visit of one year at least at the partner university. At the end of the program the candidates receive degrees of both universities, Ph.D. and Dr.-Ing.

The development of the aforementioned courses and study programs occurred with furtherance by the DAAD under the project management of Professor Hunger, in the “Internationally oriented courses”, “Exportation of German offered courses of study” and "Bi-national PhD networks" programs.

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