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Changes concerning the subject
"Fundamentals of Software Engineering"

The subject "Fundamentals of Software Engineering" by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Hunger will no longer be offered from the summer semester 2018 onwards. For students who have already passed the examination AND the lab in the subject “Fundamentals of Software Engineering” nothing changes.
Students for whom the subject "Fundamentals of Software Engineering" is a compulsory subject and who have not yet passed the corresponding examination will instead attend the course "Internet Technology and Web Engineering" by Prof. Dr. -Ing Torben Weis. This applies to all degree courses, in particular

  • B. Sc. Computer Engineering (Communications)
  • B. Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • B. Sc. Electrical engineering and information technology
  • B. Sc. Industrial Engineer (Information and Economics)

ATTENTION: Students in the B. Sc. Computer Engineering (Communications) course do no longer have the option of taking the elective module of the fifth semester, they must complete both courses: "Embedded Systems" and "Real-Time Systems".

Regulations for the Lab:
For students who have successfully passed the examination for the subject "Fundamentals Software Engineering/Grundlagen der Programmentwurfstechnik", but who have not yet completed the lab "Fundamentals Software Engineering/Grundlagen der Programmentwurfstechnik", this lab will be offered for the last time in the summer semester 2018. Registrations can only be done by sending an email to Dr. Stefan Werner before April 13th: stefan.werner@uni-due.de

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