Universitšt Duisburg-Essen


Education/Final thesis/Thesis Description
Title: Workflow Modellierung in einem kooperativen telemedizinischen Umfeld - Workflow Modelling in a Cooperative Telemedical Environment
Theme: Under the term telemedicine and telecooperation research series are carried out presently, intended to enable and expand a distributed, group related cooperative work within the area of medicine, supported by Information and Communications Technology. In a telemedical scenario with a telemedical robot and different end points, the specification of entities, acting persons and information flows shall be carried out. The thesis covers the modelling of the workflow as well as the specification of a technical realisation of a middleware proxy, which connects all entities and organizes and translates their interaction. To conclude, the Development of the workflow implementation shall be conducted.
Type: Master Thesis
State: Finished
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Klein, Pascal
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