Universitšt Duisburg-Essen
Title: Document import via a document camera
Theme: At the institute of computer engineering, a synchronous groupware named PASSENGER has been developed throughout the last years. This groupware enables student teams to communicate and cooperate via internet, even if the members are located at distributed sites. During a session the students work on shared documents in the shared workspace. These documents can be newly created by the students or uploaded from a local or a remote computer.
Description: Within this thesis, in a first step the possibilities to import documents via a document camera shall be investigated. Finally a document camera shall be selected and the process of importing documents via this camera shall be implemented in the existing PASSENGER client application.
Offer: Studienarbeit, Diplom I, Diplom II, Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis
State: Finished
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Werner, Stefan
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