Universitšt Duisburg-Essen
Title: Enhancing the consistency control of the synchronous groupware PASSENGER
Theme: At the institute of computer engineering, a synchronous groupware named PASSENGER has been developed throughout the last years. This groupware enables student teams to communicate and cooperate via internet, even if the members are located at distributed sites. The access to the shared resources is controlled by a floor control mechanism where the floor consist of the audio speech channel, the shared document and the telepointer. Floor control belongs to the class of pessimistic consistency control mechanisms for groupware. Although it ensures consistency of the shared documents it sometimes hinders the groups in their cooperations due to its strict policies.
Description: Whitin this master the PASSENGER Groupware shall be enhanced in a way that apart from the existing floor control mechanism an additional optimistic floor control mechanism is implemented.The optimistic approach to be implemented shall follow the object duplication approach and is based on the MOVIC Algorithm.
Offer: Diplom II, Master Thesis
State: Finished
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Werner, Stefan
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