Universitšt Duisburg-Essen
Title: Design and implementation of a voting component for a synchronous groupware
Theme: At University of Duisburg-Essen, a synchronous groupware named PASSENGER has been developed at the department of computer engineering throughout the last years. This groupware enables student teams to communicate and cooperate via internet, even if the members are located at distributed sites. At the moment different versions of the groupware are available. The main application supports teams consisting of four member and includes a common work area to carry out tasks in the field of software engineering with special support for cooperation, coordination and communication. Apart from this other versions exist that differ in the way how the communication component and the cooperation component is implemented.
Description: Within this master thesis a voting component shall be developed that easily can be integrated into all PASSENGER versions. As part of this, a process model for the voting procedure has to be designed. A further requirement is that the complete voting process shall be supported by a software agent. The functioning of the voting component shall be demonstrated by the example of the PASSENGER main application and the PASSENGER-Team8 Version. Implementation shall be carried out by using the Delphi programming environment in Version 7.
Offer: Master Thesis
State: Finished
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Werner, Stefan
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