Universitšt Duisburg-Essen
Cooperations /Industry

The following shows a listing of our co-operation partners from the industry.


Form of collaboration

- Siemens
- Infineon
- Bayer

Common research with promotion candidates financed by the companies

- Infineon
- Fraunhofer Institut IMS, Duisburg

Planning of common courses supported by Infineon in co-operation with top level universities in china


Partner in research and lore

MTU Motoren und Turbinen Union, Malaysia


Miscellaneous companies in Malaysia (German and Malaysian)

Collaboration in the form of support for the set up of an offshore-facility for the offering of German engineering education in Malaysia

Miscellaneous companies Inland and abroad

Theses and internships

Miscellaneous companies of the region
(z.B. ThyssenKrupp, HKM, Siemens)

Collaboration in the domain of work process related education and research ( e.g. tools for the requirements analysis ) and lore ( e.g. studies at the technician level and the formation of appropriate teaching units )

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