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In the national context, via its extensive co-operations, the field of computer engineering is connected with institutions at universities and in companies in the NRW region as well as in other parts of Germany.

In the international domain, since 1997, on behalf of the faculty, Prof. Hunger has set up and developed numerous international co-operations with main focuses in Asia and the USA, which were in line with the internationalisation of lore and the development of an international image of the faculty.

At the same time, these international activities have also lead to the development of directions of work within the domain of computer engineering. In particular, two outposts of the faculty under the name of „Mercator bureau“ could be furnished and used at the partner universities in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The form and content of the existent regional co-operations are differing, but very fruitful for the widely invested research activities of the field. They range from the common mentoring of doctorate students during their industrial research, through the common development and carrying out of bigger research projects with the industry, to the development of courses tailor-made for the industry.

For the works on the development of international course offerings, as well as on the comprehension of engineering work and education in the international context, the Mercartor offices in Southeast Asia are of particularly great value.

Furthermore, numerous small „research and development projects “ in the domains of software and hardware development as well as consultancy and market analysis were conducted in collaboration with the industry. Those interested in a collaboration, please refer to the head of the department Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Hunger .

Further information on our already existing co-operations can be found here:

Mercator-Büro in Indonesien
Mercator-Büro in Malaysia

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