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EU-ASEAN Credit Transfer System

Inter-regional academic exchange is nowadays essential for engineering students. Studying abroad not only represents the best way to get to know and respect other cultures, but is also a fundamental qualification for the future professional life of the student heading for a globalized labour market. Engineers with a strong international background are well prepared for the competitive global economy and do not fear cultural and traditional differences.
The Institute of Computer Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen has extensive experience in the area of inter-regional student mobility due to their year-long cooperation with partner universities in ASEAN (particularly Malaysia and Indonesia). Besides implementation of inter-regional student exchange, this includes development and implementation of double degree programmes in various engineering disciplines.

  • The development of an EU-ASEAN credit transfer system aims at systematising the good practices gathered within the preceding years and to provide common guidelines for an effective implementation of student mobility between EU and ASEAN.

An EU-ASEAN credit transfer system is expected to:

  • Enhance student mobility across EU and ASEAN in the field of engineering education
  • Promote and encourage the implementation of Joint Programmes (Double Degrees and Joint Degrees) across EU and ASEAN in engineering education
  • Enhance mutual understanding of educational systems, work and position of engineering graduates in EU and ASEAN
  • Establish an extended network of institutions of higher education in the field of engineering across EU and ASEAN

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