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SYSTEME DER MEDIZINTECHNIK (ehemals Technische Informatik)

Titel: Implementation of a JMX-based Customer Management Web Service.
Thema: A Web Service is often a software application that exposes its functionality in a programmable way over the Internet by using XML. With Web Service, applications written in various programming languages and running on different operating system and application server platforms can seamlessly exchange data and service. This has lead to an increase volume of web services deployed by enterprises, and also a growing need to confront management issues, since in order to get the most out of these web service technologies, one must effectively manage the web service application. A poorly managed web service infrastructure can result to low efficiency. As part of an ongoing research on web service management, the Java Management Extension technology (JMX) from SUN Microsystems is currently being investigated. Itís a standard framework that defines the architecture, the patterns, the API and the services to build manageable Java applications.
Beschreibung: In the frame of this thesis, the Student is expected to develop fundamental guideline for the instrumentation of web services based on JMX. ∑ The Student should analyse Customer management Web Service application that exist. ∑ Design a JMX-based instrumentation concept for this web service. ∑ Prove the concept by implementing the Customer management web service to be based on JMX.
Angebot: Master Thesis
Status: Abgeschlossen
Kontakt: Dipl.-Ing. Fornge, Robinson
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