Universität Duisburg-Essen
Titel: System and Network-Monitoring of a Linux-Firewall-Environment
Thema: Security becomes more and more important for today’s work with networks connected to the internet. For this Firewalls and other security features have to be implemented and monitored by the Network administrators. Besides Personal Firewalls, running on an users desktop computer, centralized firewall systems are used to provide a more suitable and manageable security for networks with more than one computer. The free operating system Linux is often used as operating system for firewalls and high(er) risked server systems besides commercial solutions due to its high flexibility and modularity. By the central position and the key function for the operability of the network, these systems have to be monitored with high priority for security leaks and uptime of the services. To monitor the system, Linux provides several log-files as well as tools to read the current state of the system. The basic tools provide only an unfiltered view on these information, so the administrator has to interpret and select the information required to get the function and security status of each system.
Beschreibung: For a security structure of several firewalls, this thesis should develop and implement a secure monitoring and reporting concept to provide on the one hand a daily report of the status of the system as reports, on the other an alert system if an system breaks down, a service is not up and running or an attack is driven against the secured network. · Therefore the state of the art or existing free tools has to be done and their usability has to be determined. · Further, a centralized secure monitoring and reporting system has to be implemented e.g. by bash-scripts run by “cron”-job, to provide reports and real-time notifications.
Angebot: Studienarbeit
Status: Abgeschlossen
Kontakt: Dipl.-Ing. Schütz, Christian
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