Universität Duisburg-Essen
Titel: Concept and implementation of an agent-tutor tool within a groupware
Thema: A synchronous groupware named PASSENGER was developed at the University of Duisburg – Essen throughout the last years. This system is a client-/server-based application with an integrated client-/user-interface. This interface consists of a communication component, a cooperation component and several tools to carry out software engineering tasks. The system is designed for spatially distributed collaborative working and especially for the usage in Software Engineering – Education. As one of the educational settings every virtual team consists of three students and one tutor, where the same tutor can be a member in several virtual teams. That can cause problems in terms of availability if the virtual teams meet at the same time but also if the teams meet at times outside main office hours. To make sure that at least a virtual tutor is always available agent technology shall be used.
Beschreibung: Within the frame of this thesis, an investigation of different intelligent agents’ architectures is to be conducted. The investigated models shall be ranked according their proposed usage within the synchronous grupware PASSENGER.Based on that, a model has to be selected and integrated into the PASSENGER Architecture model. A proper architecture model for the tutor-agent tool should be developed and integrated within the Passenger system. The main requirements for the virtual tutor are: • Monitoring network parameters; if needed the tutor shall provide help for those participants which might have technical problems • Monitoring and controlling the floor: the agent shall have ablility to take over the floor from an inactive participant and to pass the floor. • Supports and gives hints on awareness functions: (audio/video problems e.g: “We cannot see Jacek”) • Providing help for the toolbox buttons. The Interactive Development Environment Borland Delphi standard edition 7.0 is available for the implementation. The functionality of this agent – tool has to be tested within a Passenger session
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Status: Abgeschlossen
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