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SYSTEME DER MEDIZINTECHNIK (ehemals Technische Informatik)

Titel: Secured data exchange between an online student information database and an expert system
Thema: Within the CongaXpert project, the IMSE is developing an online student consultation system. The core of this application is a rule-based expert system. This expert system interviews a student about his educational background to conclude about his prospective studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. A main target group for this consultation are students of UDE''s partner universities. Most of these partner universities provide online information systems to give the students access to all data concerning their ongoing studies. As these data comprises most of the information that is needed by the CongaXpert system it is sensible to save the work of input to the student and receive the necessary data directly from the partner universities'' information system. For this information exchange, four factors are crucial: * the student has to authorize the sending system to send his personal data to the CongaXpert * the data request must be done in a way that does not require the database''s owner (the partner university) to give away access rights to its database * the data transmission has to be secure so that the transmitted information cannot be spied on * there must exist an authentification mechansism to identify sender and receiver so that no third party can fake a request or an information transmisson
Beschreibung: In this thesis the applicant should examine possibilities to solve these problems of authorization, authentification and secured data transmission and provide a prototype of an according data exchange module. The language for the prototype development is Java. The thesis will be done in cooperation with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) who provides the online information database. It is therefore an option to prepare this thesis at UKM/Malaysia and fullfil the AOS requirement of going abroad for 1 semester. Prerequisites: Programming in Java, Databases, Secured data exchange, Good english skills
Angebot: Diplom II, Master Thesis
Status: Abgeschlossen
Kontakt: Dipl.-Ing. Mertens, Sascha
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