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SYSTEME DER MEDIZINTECHNIK (ehemals Technische Informatik)

Titel: Extraction of rule-set for a machine-based evaluation of KV-Diagrams
Thema: KV-Diagrams are a basic method to simplify terms of Boolean Algebra. While a fully algorithmic method exists, Quine-McCluskey, KV-Diagrams are still being used abound, despite their limitation (4, maximal 5 boolean variables can usefully be represented). The trouble - or the advantage - of KV-Diagrams is their visual character. The user 'collects' areas/fields of a common identifier of (usually) minterms, and thereby reduces the term defining a boolean function. In order to evaluate a KV-Diagram with a machine, one needs to create a set of rules from which the machine can gather neighbouring fields in a multi-dimensional arrangement.
Beschreibung: The task is, to develop and implement a set of rules, that allows a machine-based evaluation of a KV-Diagram. This includes basic OCR-routines to minimally identify the type of KV-Diagram (number of variables is a function of the number of fields), and then to identify the '0's, '1's (and optimally also the 'X's) per field (optimally from a scanned image). After the reconstruction of the image of the KV-Diagram as a matrix in a computer, a complete rule set needs to be developed, that reduces the defining terms of the function to obtain a minimal length of definition. Thereto, the algorithm is expected to use minimally two levels of analytic depth to optimise on matrix elements with alternative combinatorial possibilities.
Angebot: Master Thesis
Status: Abgeschlossen
Kontakt: Dipl.-Ing. Dippel, Uwe
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