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Titel: Tailorable Groupware Evaluation: Concept and Realization
Thema: Although synchronous groupware is vastly found in the market, its usage is minimum in comparison to asynchronous groupware. One of the reasons for this is because of the inflexibility of the groupware that cannot accommodate the dynamics of interaction - the ever changing requirements of group interaction. Through tailorability, it is hoped that the dynamics of interaction and collaboration is supported which hence helps increase the efficiency of collaboration, which in turn leads to the increase in the usability of synchronous groupware.
Beschreibung: A prototype synchronous groupware is currently being developed at the Institute of Computer Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The prototype is devised to render flexibility and adaptability towards various collaborative procedures and events through tailorability. The distinguishing feature of this tailorable synchronous groupware is: end-users are empowered to tailor their groupware functionalities according to their momentary cooperation needs, by selecting only the required components from the components palette.Tailoring is enabled at session configuration as well as during a running session. This work aims to quantitatively evaluate the efficiency of collaboration when using a tailorable groupware as compared to using a non-tailorable groupware. The work includes: • Determine the most appropriate quantitative groupware evaluation technique • Provide a concrete description of the evaluation scenario (e.g. target participant, duration, number of participants, tasks) • Define benchmark tasks - task(s) to be performed by groups using tailorable and non-tailorable groupware • Integrate the selected evaluation technique into the evaluation scenario The master thesis/project report can be written in english or german.
Angebot: Master Thesis, Projektarbeit
Status: Abgeschlossen
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