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SYSTEME DER MEDIZINTECHNIK (ehemals Technische Informatik)

Titel: Interconnection between the Decentralized IP-based Intercom System DS-6 and Telephone Networks
Thema: Neumann Elektronik GmbH is an enterprise specialized in communication techniques used mainly in public transports. One of the main technologies provided by Neumann is intercom system technology. This intercom systems work in general either in simplex or half-duplex mode, which means that communications between two or more stations only go one way at a given time. They are mostly used for short-distance communications within a closed organization. However, there are some situations, in which urgent long-distance calls are necessary, e. g., emergency announcements or calls to provide information after normal working hours. Hence, remote connections to an intercom system become more desirable in business. The DS-6 intercom system is a decentralized IP-based communication system that operates in simplex and half-duplex mode. It does not have a number-dialing function as in telephone network. The destination of a call is determined by the unit number, which is uniquely assigned to each device in a DS-6 network. User makes a call by pressing a button on an intercom device and speaks while the button is pressed. Each button is associated with a destination, which can be a single device or a group of devices. With these characteristics in mind, a PC-based communication server shall be constructed in order to connect DS-6 systems to telephone networks
Beschreibung: The scope of this thesis is to design the fundamental structures of this communication server and to implement it according to the designed structure. Major tasks of this thesis are as follows: · Design a basic concept for the integration of the communication server into the DS-6 system · Design a basic concept to make connections from full-duplex telephone systems to simplex/ half-duplex DS-6 systems and vice versa · Design a concept for the implementation of the number-dialing function in DS-6 systems · Design a concept to convert the audio signals and the control signals between telephone systems and DS-6 systems · Implement the necessary components in order to connect telephone systems with DS-6 systems · Verify the constructed system with common communication situations
Angebot: Master Thesis
Status: Abgeschlossen
Kontakt: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hunger, Axel; Dipl.-Ing. Zumbrägel, Joachim
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