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PromISE is structured in three stages with an overall duration of 3 to 4 years. It is compulsory to spend at least one year at each partner university.
In order to guarantee success in short time, it is advisable to enter PromISE after a Master degree in ISE at UDE or through a similar programme at UKM.

Stage 1 – Orientation and Preparation

  • Individual courses and seminars
  • Research preparation courses
  • Literature studies
  • Involvement in research group of the advisor
  • Research synopsis
  • Presenting the research idea at the PromISE colloquium

Stage 2 – Research

  • Execute own & genuine research
  • Research publications
  • Visiting conferences
  • Presenting intermediate results at the PromISE colloquium

Stage 3 – Writing

  • Bringing results of research into a dissertation
  • Research publications
  • Presenting the results at the PromISE colloquium
  • Post-research courses

During the program a stay of at least 1 year at each partner university is obligatory.


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